Key Largo 27

Manufacturer: Italy
Length: 8 m. / 27 ft
Number of cabins: no cabins
Passenger capacity: up to 6 guests.
Full refit 2022

A fast, compact boat with an open deck - a tourist favorite in Dubai. Do you want to take in the beauty of the sea, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city or go fishing in the Arabian Gulf? Key Largo is your ideal option. The boat has a small size, but the space is very well organized, which provides a comfortable rest on board for all passengers.

One of the pluses of the motorboat is its design. It is safe, the hull protects from splashing water and the large canopy from the hot sun. Therefore, it is suitable for travel in any weather, even in the most windy.

The boat is equipped with two comfortable areas for sunbathing. The first is the bow of the boat, where the soft sunbeds are located. The second is the stern, where there is a comfortable leather sofa that can be transformed into a big chaise lounge if you wish. A large removable awning provides protection from the sun.

Design of the boat is made in a minimalist style with classic yachting elements: light leather, big soft furniture, rounded forms. She is practical but at the same time stylish and elegant.

Our Key Largo 27 can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests for a day cruise.